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Jamie Whitham rides Steve Burns Monster


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Looks cool...who was that for then?, would love to see the whole thing!.


I have the full video of that, somewhere . It was the Steve Burns Monster V's a BBR Cosworth Sierra (with loads of BHP). I think they stuck them both on a dyno ... wazzed them around the track ... and did some other bike v car things.

From what I remember it was a bit boring ... they had far too much car footage ... and the car was not that exciting.

I won't bother searching the attic for it ... 'cause I would not have a clue how to get it onto the computer and then upload it.

I am thick ... with computers etc.

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wow that brings back some memories, the golden days of PB, I used to love reading about steve burns' monster i had posters of it all over my bedroom wall lol

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