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I've recently bought some spare wheels for the ZX6R with a view to fitting more trackday oriented rubber on one set and on the other a sports touring set, however, the question is with regards to the brake set-up. A bit of background info -

1. I currently have the original 6 pot Tokico's and as of yet I've had no issues with them, I strip and clean them once a year.

2. The wheels I've bought do not have any discs on them.

3. My Pads front and rear require changing before Anglesey.

So scenario is -

1. Do I change to 4 pot calipers?

2. Is it ok running two different sets of discs and one set of pads?

3. If 2 is OK, should I start with new discs on all wheels?

4. What discs would you recommend for track use, and if wavy discs would it have ay impact on 2&3 above?

5. Should I have a set of pads for road use and a set for track use and swap them over?

6. If one set of pads is ok, how long approximately does bedding after swapping take and which pads would you recommend for road and track use?

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In answer to your questions, this is what I can offer

1) dunno - no experince

2) no problem - I do it all the time

3) no, unless you're feeling flush with cash

4) dunno - I never have issues with OEM discs, although I have had problems with aftermarket discs

5) If you want to go that far, they by all means. Just some normal sintered HH+ pads are fine for road and track

6) never noticed any required 'bedding' in time once the pads have bedded in from new. Dunlopads for me all the way. No brake dust, no brake fade and kind to your discs

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The 6 pots, if looked after correctly are great brakes. The only real problem with them is that they're prone to seizing up and one or two of the pistons deciding to stay in their little holes. I have ridden bikes with them on and some of them are awesome, if they're looked after then they're fantastic brakes, although they never really have that initial bite that many systems can have. They can haul a 'busa up in a hurry, they're plenty enough for road and track. The key is keeping them working OK. I suspect once a year is a little optimistic on your cleaning schedule. I've also ridden bikes with the same brakes and they were aweful, no feel, no bite, and not a huge amount of stopping power*. Cleanliness is brakeliness, as they say?!

With regards the pads, assuming you're a normal trackday punter and aren't out setting club standard records every session then a good road pad will be absolutley fine, especially if you stick with the 6 pot brakes, they can take some heat without any problems at all.

*Just for the record, I test rode a handful of zx7r's a couple of years back in the space of a couple of weeks, the most stark thing about the difference between them all was the brakes.

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At the moment Loz its only doing about 2-3k a year and that is nearly all summer mileage due to me being out of the country most of the year, so 1 good clean includng popping the pistons out and red rubber grease seems to keep them ok.

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I've had probs with those g and j discs dishing / warping on track, from personal ex, i found ebc prolites / ebc FA HH pads work really well on g's and j's. They could be your drys, and the oe are up to doing the wet work,

best of luck Buster, any Q's , pm me please.


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