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Daytona 675's - running in & oil use

old blue

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Well hello.

As some of you may know, the good wife went out the other day and bought me a Triumph Daytona 675, just to be nice. I think I owe her one. Or several.

Got the bike home today. First new bike I've owned in over a decade. So, a question;

To all of you out there who own a D675 that DOESN'T use oil...or at least doesn't use much; how did you run it in? I'm sticking to the makers gentle recommendations at the moment, but if you have one of these bikes and its not drinking oil like a bastard, I'd be keen to hear how you ran said bike in.

Cheers in advance, folks. Going out to stare at my bike a bit more now....


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being too gentle will result in oil consumption issues.

You've got to stress the engine to make the rings seal

By 35 miles its too late if you've been to gentle

I followed this on my new bike

8.5K miles later it uses no oil & goes like a good one should

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