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Joining a soft link (Regina) chain


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I just wondered if there were any cheap(ish) chain tools out there for joining soild pin split links like Regina.


I've got just got a new chain (136ZRP) and sprockets for the GSX-R but it doesn't look like my trusty Motion-Pro chain tool will do solid pin links :eusa_dance:

Is it just a case of two hammers and hope? I don't really like this idea as I always like to do a job the 'right' way.

Cheers Bub :icon_salut:

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Linky (I have one of these....just make sure that the pins are lined up otherwise they can bend. Take care and they are fine though.

I have the same one as you. But you can't use these for Regina chain (no hole in pin to spread) :icon_salut:

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