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floating rear disc


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Im in the process of getting a floating rear disc made but need some advice.

the disc fits wheel by 4 bolts. ideally id like to use 4 foating mounts so i can space them equally between disc mount bolts.

looking at gp bike most have 6 bobbins though the latests moto gp suzuki does have only 4.

so my question is 4 enough. is there any advantages of more.

if i use more than 4 the bobbins will not be equally spaced so looks kind of odd

Some of you will ask why do you need a floating rear disc. because we can is the answer

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ISR make floating disks so you could fit one of those. Solid mounted disks tend to warp a bit which isn't a problem in use but can fail the MOT when they use their new posh machines ... and instantly give you a quote for a new one. They warp due to the temperature build up in the disk.

Morepower stocks ISR stuff.

I wouldn't recomend you have non symetrical spacings though ... you'll need to have the wheel reballanced and the disk will flex unequally this could start the wheel pulsing under braking which is just when you want it to be stable.

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