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RR-8 Fireblade

Martin C

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Hi everyone!!

Hi have bought the new RR-8 Blade a couple of months ago and have been finding that the quality of the bike has

started to slide.. which is not like honda!!!!

My biggest concern is that the new exhaust is crap, sounds great when you hit 4000rpm and the baffle opens, but my lower part of the

exhaust has become discloured and after cleaning it looks crap.

I only use muc-off to clean the bike and it does a good job, but when the bike dries the exhaust still looks crap.

Does anyone have the same problem as?, and do you have any tips on the best way to keep my pride and joy looking good???


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from all the media about at the moment, it seems to be happening to everyone, i vote, take it off, keep it safe and get the bike mapped for an aftermarket pipe.

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