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motorcycle chain


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Right another basic question here im afraid.

I'm checking the tension of my chain and im confused.

Do i measure the space between the chain and swing arm as it hangs and then the space with the chain pushed towards the swingarm, take them away and thats the slack?

Or is it just with the chain pushed towards the swingarm?

Also how hard is it to change the chain? I have a 2002 600 hornet fs.


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Your just looking for about and inch half of free play in total up and down from the point at which the lies naturally, least thats what I do...and ideally you should check with it someone on the bike to make sure it isnt overtight while under load.

Changing a chain is pretty straightforward especially if you have a chain rivetter to put the joining link back in. doing the front sprocket is the hard one

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All good stuff there from Kwakbiker :thumbsup:

Just like to add that you should always take the measurement at it's tightest spot, not an issue on a new chain I know but helpful for future reference.

Having that second person you also mentioned helps when it comes to undoing/ doing up front sprocket too, as they can sit on the bike with it in gear, holding back brake on to assist you.

Also to get the old chain off I personally use a small angle grinder, save me loads of time and messing around

Or would that be just me . . . :icon_salut:

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As I posted elswhere i bought a rechargeble chatter gun and socket and have succesfully removed 5 front sprokets for myself, freinds and family. What i have done before is ridden to my nearest freindly garage with socket and tools. Prise back the front nut tab get the garage guy to chatter the nut loose for a small consideration, re-tighten the nut to just nip tight re bend over tab washer (at a different point) ride home at reasonable pace and remove the nut at leasure.

I've always used an angle grinder to remove the chain idealy remove the rivted link don't be tempted to cut through the side plate just grind the end of the pins flush with the side plate and then prise the palte of with old fashioned nail pullers.

hope this helps.


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