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R1 (5VY) - which map? Does it really matter?


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I have an arrow stainless full system but have since sold the end-cans, (thought they looked ugly) - and thus am looking out for a replacement pair of end-cans.

I have my heart set on a pair of Akrapovic end-cans, however I was wondering which map should be used with the Power Commander. I don't want to have to replace my full system with an Akrapovic system just so I don't destroy my engine in the long term when I have a barely used full system already fitted, (and exup disabled).

Obviously a custom map generated by a good tuner with a dyno would be the best way to go, even if a complete system was being used from one manufacturer.

I was thinking of running the Arrow full system map as I would have thought it would be closer to the mark than using the Akrapovic full system map regardless of just having the Akrapovic end-cans fitted.

Then again the next edition of PB may answer my question.

All the best.

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I would definitely get it done at a good Dyno place;i had mine done by BSD at Peterborough and it made a big difference over the map already on the power commander.I would have thought it would make even more sense with a full system.

(Somebody with more tech knowhow than me will probably come along and say that's bollocks though :eusa_dance: )

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