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Yoshi pipe problem


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Hey all,I've got a bit of a hassle and hopefully someone can help me out with the solution.

A few weeks ago I had a bit of an off on my Sp1,not too much damage just mainly road rash,but it did mark up my Yoshi pipe a bit.

I've been able to polish out most of the score marks in the mid pipe but the caps is too bad to clean up.So i was planning on removing it and turning it over so the damage is on the inside nearest the rear wheel.

My problem is this,after drilling out the rivets and removing the rivet strap the end cap won't budge.If I give it a tap with a soft mallet it will move slightly into the pipe but I can't get it out!! I'm aware theres silicone sealant on it but the friggin thing is rock solid!! HELP!!!



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