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wich 600/750 radiator are the narrowest?


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I know I know, I'm the geek that always comes up with this ideas but if I was foing to buy everything that went trough my mind in order to take measuments or eperiment I'de have to sell the car, house, dogs, etc.

so please if anyone as a clue I would apreciate if you share it with me.

thanks in advance

Diogo Gaspar

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Easy - The Honda SP1 + 2 and VFR 800

That's because they're mounted on the side of the bike :tumbleweed:

Most radiators on IL4's are curved offering more surface area than the frontal area ... that's not so bad because the biles width is taken from the engine. Sooo following from that ... what about a Triumph 675 0r Ducati 999 ???

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