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CBR1000RR7 Discs


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Hi Guys

This must be a problem loads of people but I've never seen anything about it.I have an 07 blade now but my 05 did the same. I ride every day and at usually wet!! So I get home put the bike away,go and get dry,have my tea.

Come to get the bike out the next day and front brakes are stuck on! I have tried drying the discs off,'dragging' the front brake to get them hot before parking and not very convenient levering the pads away from the discs.

This also happens when I've washed it. The discs now have 'shadows' where the pads have siezed to the discs overnight.I try to clean them up with emery cloth but it's a loosing battle. I have stripped and cleaned the calipers and re greased,it now has EBC pads but the OE ones were the same.

Got any ideas??


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They do it mate, basically it's not a disc thing cos the stainless discs don t rust, it 's from the pads, but it's not an issue, mash the brakes into a corner and the discs are shiny again, personally I don't give it a seconds thought.

Ref drying the discs / bike, have you tried using a leave blower, that's not a piss take, they work really well.


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Thanks for the replies.

Jamming the brakes on works well but not in this crap weather we ve been having.

I will try the blower method, but if it's the pads who knows.

Perhaps a set of pads with less sintered material?? Can you even choose the level of sinter?

Obviously in the winter you're not using the brakes as much so you dont need to lose the heat so much.


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