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Honda's Ar - Wonder If It Was As Clean As Honda Claimed


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This is my second AR now, and i think they are superb bits of kit. However i do wonder if they never lived up to the promise of a cleaner 2 stroke or maybe the technology would still be used today in other applications.

I appreciate the 2 stroke is dead for road bikes, but i wonder why they never carried on with the technology for MX bikes at least for a couple of years before the final nail in the coffin

seems a shame really - unless it was crap of course

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Did Honda patent the tech?

Given Honda's lack of love for 2Ts, I'd not be surprised if, assuming it did work well enough to clear EU emissions regs at any stage, they refused to licence it to anyone else anyway...

Was reading an old (10 years+) PB the other day and an article on the Lotus trapping valve 2T motor... Shame that it never took off although the reasosn for that were all in the article - the money men all said "Why spend money developing something new to meet the regs when we can just refine something we already have?".

Didn't seem to matter that the new tech would be better, more efficient and cleaner than refining 4T tech within a very short space of time, they just stuck with what they knew sold in cars and bikes... :(

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The AR system is OK but isnt the solver of all emmissions issues.

There is an article on the AR that I read which pretty much explains everything, its somewhere in the depths of the internet.

I think the article however is based on the EXP2 the bigger bore racing prototype.

(edit: actually that's the above posted link! nice find)

pretty much all it does is removes the multiple misfiring at low RPMs, the controlled detonation ensures that each stroke yeilds a combustion.

above 1/4 throttle and a few thousand RPM and it behaves like ANY OTHER TWO STROKE.

the above point is exactly why I think its a bit of a gimmick, unless you enjoy riding bellow 30kmh all the time

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