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Who Can Make These - Stainless Steel Sleeves.

Ray Von

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How do, i'm looking for someone who can make me two stainless steel sleeves for the N-Eta silencers for my old VF500, been in touch with Motad who made the pipes back in the 80's but they do not supply spares.

Obviously not arsed about the N-ETA embossed logos, but two plain SS sleeves would be nice, don't worry about the holes i can drill them or putting the curves in, at 0.5mm thick i can drill and rivet them back on as i go, so can be supplied flat.

I've measured it all in inches in the photos, but metric measurements are as follows.

Length = 237mm

Width or circumference = 307mm

thickness = 0.5mm


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If you want it flat then why not take the measurement's to a metal fab shop.They will cut the flat bits for you.Im sure there will be one near to you mate.

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