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Zx7R Carb Strip And Clean - Help


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Hello chaps,

I left my standing for about 8 months, and like a special person I didn't drain the fuel.

Initially it wouldn't start, it would turn over but not fire. So I replaced the plugs, checked the leads and coils, new oil and filter, new fuel fitler, etc etc,

She again wouldn't start, I thought I'd change the petrol (I should have done this first) it was stale with a an orange tinge, I've cleaned the tank out now, and the tap and stuck in 5 ltrs of super unleaded. i then replaced the fuel filter and the line to tank 'just in case'.

Oh and a new battery. She will now tick over but will not rev, any sniff of throttle and she chokes and dies.

I reckon need to clean the carbs, but 've never done it before. I have found a really good guide on the zxr forum but I'm a little apprehensive.

I've built no end of cars, land rovers and kit cars over the years but always sent the carbs off to be done or bought decent used or new items.

My questions are: If I was to buy a carb kit then strip and clean everything do I need to get it dyno'd etc, it has a dynojet kit fitted already.

Plus, is there anywhere in derby or nottingham I could get the seal kits from today? so I can work on it tonight and tomorrow.

Thanks fellas


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Nicked this picture off Nick's 900ss thread, but hey ho, it's all CV carbs.


First, take the carbs off and flip them onto their backs. Undo the screws that hold the float bowls on and lift them out. It might be a good idea to do 1 carb at a time, so you can see what's going on in each and have a reference when you put it back together. Unscrew the pilot jet, put it in a little pot and soak it with carb cleaner. Undo the main jet, and spray carb cleaner through it. As the main's a bit bigger there's less chance that it's really nastily blocked. Make sure that the plastic CV slide inside is moving freely, bearing in mind that it's vacuum operated and should take a fraction of a moment to go back down, rather than just slamming shut. Spray everything you can with carb cleaner, there's going to be a fair few air holes in the main body of the carb, get them clean, using a cheapo toothbrush if you've had the forethought to get one from tescos. Take your pilot jet that's been soaking and give it a spray down the body, hopefully blasting any shit out of it. Screw it back in, along with your main jet. Stick the float bowl cover back on, ideally using lovely new stainless allen bolts that you bought before hand*.

*Actually, this is a good point, the original screws are always shit. Does anybody know what size they are before stripping the carbs down? My guess'd be m4x15, but I don't know?

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Shame you didnt have the bike at your other place mate i would have give you a hand.In fact i would have taken the carb's away and done them for you.

Lorenzo has give some good advice for you.. :biggrinvk4:

"Take one apart at a time"

And I would not touch anything other than your main & idle jet if you don't know what you are doing mate. Just take the bottoms off and clean that up.Another good thing to use is an air line to blow the air holes. :thumbsup:

If you do muck anything up i have all of the factory settings for your carb's should you go wrong..

Good luck

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DONE! I took everything off bar the choke and throttle cables, flipped the carbs over and took off all the bottom bowls, removed the pilot jets and mains, filled the cap off the carb cleaner up with said carb clean and dropped the whole lot in, waited the length of time it takes to make a brew and drink it, removed a jet at a time and blew it trough with carb cleaner, dried it off then replaced it, I then repeated this antoher few times, stuck them all back together and reassembled.

Hey presto, it revved.

Luckily it's still taxed, tested and insured so i took it out for fuel, the flat spot that I thought was there last time is gone and by god does it pull and sound like devil with the 4-2-1 Muzzy :)

I'm really chuffed, but i now need to rebuild the tockico's :)

Thanks for the advice chaps

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Well done mate, glad you sorted it out..

Sounds like you are rebuilding the whole bike now lol.. Good luck on the calipers.. Take your time and you will be ok mate.

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