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Wiring Loom Help.


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I'm a bit of a muppet with regards to vehicle electrickery, but I have a wiring loom which needs a tidy-up.

I need to strip off what's left of the old pvc sleeving which has split and perished. Half the loom has been wrapped in green and yellow striped earth insulation tape, badly, which isn't very attractive.

The rest of the loom is ok and everything worked when it was fitted to the bike. The wires and insulation are in good condition, and all the connectors seem good after I've cleaned the fur and green stuff out of the ones that were furry and green.

I've seen expandable braided sleeving which I'm thinking of using, but I have a few questions:

Is this o.k. to use on motorsickle looms?

Is it good practice to seal the ends with heatshrink?

I need to relocate the ECU on the bike, from under the tank to somewhere under the seat. This'll mean identifying the ECU wires and pulling them through the loom and probably having to extend them. I don't want to remove the connectors unless I really have to and I've read somewhere that with the braided expandable stuff, you don't have to. You can just push the connectors through the wall of the sleeving - or did I imagine this?

Are Vehicle Wiring Products good to deal with, or should I just get the stuff off ebay?

Any more info to help out a muppet would be appreciated. Ta.

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the expanding braid stuff is the shissle use a soldering iron to cut it though cos once its started to fray its a bastid, heatshrinking the ends stops the braid from shrinking back and looking baggy elsewhere, eblag is the cheapest place to buy it and yes if your gentle and your not being over ambitious with the size of the plug it will be able tio go through the wall of the braid. another place to try are rapid electronics.

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