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Tell Me About Fork Bushes......


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there is some slight play in the ZX636B1 Forks I have fitted on my ZRX1200.

I need to strip them anyway to fit the stronger springs I have, so how easy is it to replace the fork bushes at the same time?

I have the Kawa ZX636 workshop manual, but it doesnt show anything about replacing the bushes.

anyone got any tips?



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Should be easy chap.

You'll have to completely strip the forks as you need the stanchion out to change them

The outer bush is the one you knock in under the seal and the inner bush is usually like a split cylinder type that sits in a groove on the end of the stanchion.

Gently ease it open with a flat bladed screwdriver and slide it off and then slide the new one on.

If you take them apart to change the seals all will become apparent

Job Jobbed

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Hey El Gringo,

I've got a daft question about fork bushes and it sounds like you know your onions.

For the inner bush, I've searched and found other similar comments to your .... open it slightly, pop it off, pop on a new one.

Is there anything that holds the bush in place? Maybe a shallow recess machined in to the stanchion??

Just trying to find out what to expect ....



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The inner bush will have a bit of spring to it, once its on it sits in the groove/machined in area on the bottom of the stanchion

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Ok next question on this subject...

Now on FZR400 3TJ Forks that I have on my LC.

how do you replace the bush in the slider? - the one on the stantion is straightforward, but how do you remove the one in the top of the slider without damaging the slider itself?

plus, how do you put the new one in without damaging it?



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Hi Alex

The outer bush in the slider should come out when you disassemble the forks, the inner bush effectively pulls the outer bush out of the slider when you pull them apart - its sort of like a slide hammer effect.

When you come to reassemble them, you put the new inner bush on the stanchion, slide the new outer bush over, followed by the big washer, then the new fork seal then as you knock the seal in the washer underneath forces the outer bush into the slider.

This is off course presuming the FZR forks are as I have imagined them in my head :lol:

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