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Cbr600Fsport Front End Refurb Using 600Rr Parts?


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Hello folks, long time no posts... got a query about the above title, namely:

1) Fitting a later model master cylinder from a 600RR on to a 600FSport (mine's needs re-built)

2) Swapping the RWU front end for an RR USD outfit (looking at K-Tech piston kit but thinking out the box here)

Point 1 is a genuine alternative to stripping and re-building my master cylinder, as it's past its internal service limits.

- Anyone done this before?

- What did they use? (do they switch to a radial unit in 05 for the radial braked models?)

- Would shim steel strips be adequate for matching clip-on to m/c mount OD (or other fixing method)

- What issues will there be in the size of the brake banjos between FSport (non-radial Nissins) and the new models?

Advice on this and other salient points appreciated.

Point 2 is more a pie in the sky idea (the swap part) got a PCIII, Akro race SS/Ti system, K&N, Ohlins shock and Ohlins springs which I got for a decent price (gotta love ebay!). Don't have space for another bike at the moment (CBR,KTM,Trailer = Full garage) but want to keep it for track days as it will still do me a good turn. Not happy with the front end though, cant find the sweet spot so thinking piston kit + set-up...

However, through reading PB and getting excited rebuilding my 200 EXC I was wondering how interchangeable the FSport and RR front ends are:

- Anyone done it before?

- Difficulties in bearing size matches?

- Clip-on clearance issues?

- Suspension geometry issues?

Advice much appreciated on this or any other relevant aspects.

Cheers! :)

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