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Honda H.t.e. Valve - How Stiff Should It Be?


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Got the CBR 929 out of hibernation ready for use after we move house closer to work. Fired her up and after a bit of a warm up got the FI light on and an error code of 35, which turns out to be the servo that operates the Honda version of the Exup valve, and a flapper in the air box. After a bit of tinterweb surfing I the general concensus seems to be that the servo motor has stripped the teeth off a cog and needs replacing (about £250 plus VAT!!)

So i decide to clean up the exhaust valve thingy, which seemed a little stiff at first, but after some cleaning and putting back togther moved a litle more freely, but after the tensioner spring went back on the valve needed a spanner to turn it.

Is that right or should it move more freely??

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I'd be very interested in the answer, as I've discovered that my cbr600rr has exactly the same issue, FI code 35...

I was hoping that I could sort it with a squirt of WD40, else a tap from a metric hammering device. If the weather cheers the hell up, I may venture out to the garage to have a look at it again :mellow:

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Heds I'm not sure if the fault codes are universal, but if they are it'ss prob be the same servo problem. Has the bike been standing for a while?

I whipped the exhaust and valve off again and cleaned it some more. Gave the shaft a quick polish (oooer missus) with some autosol, and now it turns quite easily. And now it's turning I can hear the servo buzzing when the ignition is on. Servo to the bin. Hopefully I can pick one up from the Eghey instead of getting a reaming from the main dealer

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Yep, the bike has been stood for a few weeks. And in answer, I'm led to believe that the codes are for one and the same thing.

Since posting above I've had a PM conv with one of the wise forumites, who tells me that the order of attention is as follows...

1) Check that the cables move freely, lube if necessary

2) Check that the valve hasn't seized, lube if necessary

3) Check the servo, unplug and clean with contact cleaner, stick a multimeter on it on the loom side, flick ignition and check the voltage reading, where you should expect to see either a short burst of 12v, continuous 12v, or maybe less v, may be around 5v. If you get really tiny or nothing then there's most likely a problem with the feed.

Also check the servo itself, connect a battery to it, Red (+) Blue (-) if it doesn't turn its knackered.

Check the resistance through the servo:

Yellow/Red -Green 5kohms

Brown -Green 0-5kohms

If it's out of this range, then it's knackered apparently.

I haven't as yet had chance to have a look at my bike as the weather's been so shit, and when it has been decent I've been busy with other stuff.

Good luck with the eBay search. 954 parts, decent ones, are seemingly getting thinner on the ground. If I see anything suitable on my regular searches I'll give you a shout.

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