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Gsxr 1000 K3 Slipper Clutch


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From another forum........

Confirmed on GIXER.COM.....


The K5, K6, K7,K8 and K9 1000 slipper clutch fits the K1-K4


Only mod required is a small amount of metal removal on a strengthening web on the inside of the K4 cover.....or fit a K5 cover...............


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Yes, it's fairly straight forward. You need a complete unit (inner and outer, plus steel and fibre plates, diaphragm springs and lifter, flat and concave backing springs etc.

See here for an exploded view. -> http://www.ronayers.com/Fiche/TypeID/26/Type//MakeID/2/Make/Suzuki/YearID/47/Year/2006/ModelID/7527/Model/GSX_R1000/GroupID/330868/Group/CLUTCH_

And K5/6 clutches have an over heavy "clutch plate wave washer" #14 in the above diagram. Change it for this ->


And while you're there, there are three extra oil splash holes not drilled in the back plate of the K5/6 basket, so it's worth drilling them out too.

Take a look here ->


Not my picture, but it makes the point. :)

HTH :thumbsup:

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The piccy is pinched from gixxer.com, hence the imperial sized drill.

I always use a Hilti with an SDS bit ;)

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