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Indicator Warning Light On The Dash?


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Hello chaps, I fitted a set of led indicators to the zx7r and they worked perfectly without warning lamp on the dash connected, however when I put the bulb back in they flash like hazards.

I have fitted a led relay inplace of the standard flasher relay but to no use.

I know I have to wire in a couple of resistors but as a quick fix for the MOT on Tuesday can I just splice in 2 green leds, one into each indicator circuit and mount them on the sides of the clocks, surely they will give a clear indication that I have left the indicator on?

I will fix them properly next week but I have all the bits to wire in the green led's but I don't have to get to maplins for the resistors, that and I need to take the clocks off to get to the original bulb holder and put a bulb in.

Cheers chaps



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