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Polishing Exhaust Help?


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Trying to save some dosh keeping the bike off the road for a bit, this has led to great chunks of it mysteriously appearing in my house (single now innit).

The stainless headers were looking a bit grotty so I attacked them with a wire brush attachment on a drill.

They've come up luvverly but are patchy where I've had to change position/direction with the drill to get in the nooks and grannies.

Any idea what I can use to get an even finish? I've got wet and dry in different grades but that's too fine. I need something in between the wire brush and the wet'n'dry. Preferably something I can fit to my drill. Got a dremel but its too small for the scaffolding-pole headers.

Cheers peeps x

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Popped to Holefrauds yesterday and picked up a polishing kit; 3 mops, 3 bars and an arbor thingy. Tried the sisal mop first and spun it up on the grey bar - which vapourised. More went on the table than on the bloody mop!

Works well though, it's turned a chore into something fun. Wish I'd taken a 'before' photo, I'll try to post an 'after' pic when I've done.

Thanks to you all for the suggestions. :icon_salut:

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