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Fitting Later R6 Slipper Clutch Into Early Pi?


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Whilst noseying around looking for a dirt cheap second hand slipper clutch for a 99-02 R6 i find one mention on a forum that its possible to fit an 06-12 clutch into and early 99-02 bike. Nothing was said on how its done. ive since forgotten where i found this said mention.

Anyway, on a whim i brought a complete clutch for the 06-12 model. To my surprise the basics of the clutch are a straight swap. Infact it would work if only the clutch cover would fit back over the new clutch. see, its about 5-10mm thicker than the early one.

I havent got the engine all back together hence why i havent been able to figure out all the options just yet. Just did a rough install on what i have together. Looking at it there might be a way to fit the slipper hub and backplate into the standard basket. On first looks at that idea a spacer will have to be made for the back of the newer backplate (not 100% sure what that part is called)

Anyone heard of this? ive searched and searched and no one has written about it anywhere. Just a nudge in the right direction would help :)

i suppose my next job is to roughly assemble the newer hub and plate into the standard basket and see where that leaves me.

Other options include modifying the clutch cover to accommodate the extra clutch height :confused:


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