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tyre problem!?!


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...the same make (eg pirelli) but not necessary the same style?

i have a tzr250r shod with pirelli dragons mtr 01 front mtr 02 rear. the rear has got a warning from the last mot and i simply cannot find a replacement so can i fit a different pirelli to it as in the next style/model? (is it a dragon corsa?)

ta Jamie

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If you ask the tyre manufacturers or your local bike shop they will say no!

However, as long as the bike conforms to the ConUse regulations you are good to go

This means no radilals on the front if you got a crossply or Bias belted tyre on the rear, or bias belted front with a crossply on the rear, they are the appropriate size for the rim, fitted the correct way round, and have more than 1mm of tread with no cuts or slashes longer than 10mm (I think)

What is OK is Radial Rear with Radial, Bias Belted or Cross ply front, or Bias Belted rear with a cross ply front

If your bike conforms to the Con Use regs, then your insurance company will be happy (despite what others might try and make you believe)

Ask yourself this - how does a tyre manufacturer test every tyre on every model of bike they approve it for - answer they don't

Where do tyre manufacturers get a 1988 TZR250 from (and every other model from the last 30 years)?

Do you think they keep one of each model from every year locked away for testing purposes - I think not

I regularly mix tyres and brands

I'm currently running a BT020 with a BT010 on the front on my SV1000, but I previously had the OE Michelin front with a Bridgestone BT020 rear

I have run a BT45 front (Bias Belt), and a BT020 rear(Radial) on a different bike (TDM850)

I've had Avons and Bridgestones mixed on my DRZ400

All with no issues

Why they won't recommend them is coz if you do have an accident after they did recommend them, and you tried to sue them coz you said it was the tyres, they'd have to defend it, where as with matching pairs, they have already done there testing and know they are OK and hence have the data

Think about it from a car point of view

Do you ever worry about mixing brands of tyre, or models of tyre - no me neither

In short - do it, you won't have any problems


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as a mot tester i can confirm that so long as it is the right construction , condition and fitted correctly it cannot be failed on it , a warning is just that , its main purpose is to cover the testers arse

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Hi Jamie

pirelli super corsas are fine in warm weather, pirelli also make a h rated diablo desinged for 250 / 400 's

avon viper sports / super sports work well on 250's as well

both have fitment guides on their web sites


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I ran a Bridgestone front and a Dunlop rear on my 3xv TZR without any problems whatsoever. They were on it when I got it. Now I've got Dunlop Alpha 10's on it and they're excellent. Not too expensive either.

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thanks guys for the replies. (think i'll stick with pirelli's for now just get the latest tyre a diablo of correct size and rating)

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