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front sprocket


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hi guys,

i have a k2 gsxr 1000 and was thinking of lowering the gearing,probably by 1 tooth at the front

how far out will the speedo be...?, how much are those speedo healer thingies

i did it on my 94 blade but the speedo was run off the front wheel so no change

cheers in advance


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If you have a 15 front and 45 rear then the speedo sensor reads 3 times for every wheel turn, if the front is then reduced to 14 the speedo reads 3.21 times for each wheel turn therefore over reading the speed by approx 15% (I think the maths is right) this is why you also get the extra thrust. The Late John Robinson produced several books and one of these explains this in detail.

The healers are avilible for about £40.

I hope this helps


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wicked thanks guys,

i think its a standard set up on the bike at the moment.


that would be great if i could grab yours off you, what is the best of getting it to me , unless you live in sunny devon ( he says as its -4 already tonite )

to be honest if the speedo over reads you can always bear it in mind when out and about.

right back in an hour after ive seen the miserable tottenham loose again..!!!



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