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I need some can adaptors made up


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Hello, I'm doing some work on my MZ 1000sf at the moment and want to fit some Fuel cans to my existing link pipes. However the link pipe are 60mm outside diameter and the cans are designed to fit 55mm pipework.

Has anybody on here got the facilities to make these up or know somebody that would be able to do it for sensible money? I've tried a few can manufacturers etc but they are either not interested or want a fortune to make them.

Here is a drawing showing what I'm after.


(The image of the pipe below the drawing was just to show what style of spring loops I was looking for)

I'd be gratefull for any help you guys can give on this one

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Thats much appreciated guys. I'll give Barry a try first and see if he can help, if not I'll come back to you and see what we can sort. I'm more than happy to sort out a few beer tokens for any work done.

I'll let you know how I get on.


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