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Srad Running Issues


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Hoping I can get some suggestions of what to try with my 600 sard. It bogs really badly when pulling away, it gets really bad when up to temperature and strangely worse when pulling away up hill (could this make it float related??). It is slightly sluggish when opening the throttling when under 4k ish revs too but this isnt too bad compared to from a standstill. Idle is about 1-1.5k when started but after a run it will sit at 2k.

Its a 97 600 with DJ kit, K&N and straight through exhaust (is same with oe can on there too), pilot screws are 2.5 turns out. Its got 15 pilots and 106/104 mains and the maj is blocked as it should be. Float height is set to 7mm and the carbs were stripped and sonic cleaned so there are no issues with dirt etc.

So far I have adjusted the valves to rule out an air leak there, intake boots have been checked and appear in good condition inside and out so i'm open to suggestions as to what to try next... :beerchug:

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