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Gsxr 1000 K1 Suspension


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Hello all,

Can anyone give me some info on the forks and rear shock (technical specs) as ohlins and wp (ftr) don't know, i'm trying to upgrade but nobody makes anything for this bike anymore, I don't like gixers k5 onwards great bikes but too small compared to the k1/2 and info on brakes i.e. calipers (not brembo as I can't afford) or does anyone know if k7 onwards forks with yokes will swop (complete front end) and all bits are rarer than rocking horse shit !!!!!


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If it's an Ohlins you want, I seem to remember from my K2 days that the 46PRXLS is the one you need.

Try MH Racing in Corsham. They can rebuild your forks and shock to your spec. I can't recommend them highly enough.

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fg 9700 ,46mm sbk fork(no damp bottle just screw at front)1999

fg 070 ,46mm sbk fork(red toped damper bottle)2000

fg 170 ,43mm sbk fork (now radial)2001

fg 270 ,43mm sbk fork (diffident calliper bracket)2002

fg 370 ,43mm sbk fork,(the best of this lot)2003

think this is right..hang over :icon_puke_r:

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