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Slipper Clutches


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As per the title really.

I've bought an STM slipper clutch off that eGhey and the listing stated 'new' but to my eyes it looks dirty (more than just a protective layer of oil) and some edges look suspiciously knocked (i.e. the plating doesn't quite reach edges of allen key holes etc). Am I being too cautious and "they all come like that" or have I been sold a pup.

So, the question is - is there a common wear pattern that distinguishes a new slipper clutch from an old one?

Many thanks


PS I'd take photos but I doubt that anything would show up!

PPS if anyone can get decent prices for STM spares please get in touch, ta muchly!

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Has it got the clutch basket with it ... I might have got the wrong name there ... the bit that the plates sit in, if it's used I'd have though there would be marks on it.

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