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Digi Dash Conundrum


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so the instructions are pretty clear.

1x wire 12v

1x wire to the positive on the ignition

1x wire to earth

So I did all this, dash lights up, bike starts all is good however I thought I would try a few on and offs to make sure all the wiring is ok and it starts playing up.

sometimes the dash doesnt come on at all and if you disconect any of the 3 wires and reconect it will work again

Sometimes the display comes on and the bike will start but there is no backlight or RPM display again disconect then reconect any of the 3 wires and it will work again.

The way I have it wired is the live into the constant live to the ignition barrel (now a switch BTW)the other wire to the second ignition barrel wire and the earth to one of the old earth cables now not used as it was for the headlights.

I'm a bit confused

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I'll double check tomorrow but the +feed is being taken from the ignition switch so if there was a problem there would I not have had problems with the ignition?

I'll start again from scratch tomorrow and see how I get on.

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