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Didn't want to clog up the for sale threads with this seeing as its only looking for feedback, so if im putting this in the wrong section sorry mods feel free to move/delete if so. Took a mad notion and started making stands for racing/track day wheels and tyres, basically its a stand for a set of wets that will allow you to keep warmers on them ready to go. Considering making up a few sets and selling them off but not sure if there's demand for them or what people would be prepared to pay for them. Not really ever seen them for sale in shops so have no price to gauge from that. Not trying to sell them here, postage would be a killer so all i'm looking for is feedback and what people think...Have a rough idea what the materials and time are costing and will go from there but said i'd ask a bit of advice here and see if people thought there'd be any demand for them and if so what they thought a fair price would be.....

Any suggestions pos or neg would be welcome....





Cheers guys/gals

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bro made some similar to that, but you can turn it over and use the actual wheels and tyres as wheels so you can roll the whole lot to A+R. turn it back over to sit in the van etc.


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