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Brake pads - sintered or organic?


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Checked the pads yesterday - time for new ones. I've always had a problem in winter with the discs getting rusty when left overnight wet and sometimes the pads stick if it's salty. Seems to happen in a few hours (use the bike every day).

It's on Brembo OE pads now but I've seen some organic pads in an advert recently. I presume they have less metal content and may be more suitable for winter.

Any thoughts? I can't really describe the braking characteristics of the current pads; they just work. One-finger braking from ANY speed on a stubby lever and I've only triggered the ABS once in anger.

PS It's a BMW K1200S, about 230 kilos, brembo calipers, pads and 'fixed' 320 mm discs (no carrier, as opposed to floating).

Cheers! :eusa_whistle:

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Sintered are much better in the wet fella. IIRC John Robinson discovered this many moons ago, which was news to the pad manufacturers.


This. Sintered all the way.

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I've just changed to sintered pads after a gazzilion (or 40,000 of your) miles on organic pads. Both are manufactured by EBC. The sintered pads seem to offer more initial bite, but the real differance is in the wet - there isnt a moments pause while the pads struggle to grab the disc. Much better


I´ve also an EBC set (disc´s and sintered pads) But when wet my 97 Blackbird have a pause, and then bite. scary!!

First i used Lucas sintered.. But the same.. why do mine not work then??? Please help me :eusa_whistle:

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