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Thunderace Fork Seals


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My Thunderace is weeping out of the right hand fork seal. Tax & Mot is up so need to get it done at some point.

Now I have never done fork seals and don't want to have a go just yet so going to take the forks of myself and take them to someone.


Should I get both seals done or just the one that is leaking, I have the seals here that I have ordered from M&P. How much should a back street garage charge me for fitting seals and putting back together.

Any advice on Fork oil?


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just found a receipt from last year from my trusted guy

labour was just over £50 with me taking him the forks.

plus you might want to supply

dust seals


check your manual for the oil weight, if you have been happy with that (assuming it was correct..) you shouldn't be far wrong.

i like silkolene me..

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