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So - as per new zealands stupid and stingy road rules, i am only allowed to ride a 250cc motorcycle until i get my full licence

I have the option of trading my '92 Blade for either this MC18 or this RGV VJ22...

So the NSR has 2000 lower kays, and the RGV is a powervalve drop waiting to happen..

I've ridden a couple of RGV's which i really like - and they seem be more common here, but are they less reliable than the NSR? I haven't seen many tidy NSR's here they seem to all have been raced or binned or both. What are they like as far as maintainance, powervalves etc?

Or should i just sell the blade and buy a CB250RS, cane it till it pops and by then have my full licence?

Cheers :eusa_whistle:

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Or should i just sell the blade and buy a CB250RS

The only thing you should cane is yourself for even thinking something so silly. While the RGV might be a power valve problem waiting to happen the NSR is a PGM problem on wheels. Fortunately both are easy fixed these days with aftermarket products. Which ever you get you will be miles in front of the CBR $hitter.

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