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Brembo Front MC advice needed......


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HI Guys ... after rebuilding my calipers I thought I'd look at the Front radial MC ....

Its a 19/20 with model number 4759 stamped on the bottom of the body.

Thing is a can't remove the screw that holds the span adjuster ?


I need to know where to get the rebuild kit


and does anyone have the exploded diagram ?

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Is it a cast bodied race Brembo master cylinder?

If so the span adjuster knob is held in place by a very small roll pin.

You will need a very thin punch or 1 / 1.5mm drill bit to push the roll pin out.

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i think these guys might have upset a few folk on here - worth investigating further before parting with your cash.


100% right.Moto-racing are a bunch of GENTS who happily take your money but dont supply the goods.

It's on many other forums so is not just my imagination.

Any Brembo dealer will be able to rebuild the M/C but very few actually supply the kit as I beleive Brembo do not want to be associated with accidents regarding brake failure.

I think PDM wanted around £75 supply and fit and return postage.This was over a year ago though.

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