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I have a slight problem that I'd like to answer without buying a fuel pump that I wont ever use.

We have now had the fuel tank (916) repainted and with our logo on. As we're using a 1098 fuel injection system (and hence fuel pump), I am in the process of making a plate so that the oval-ish fuel pump will fit in the round hole of the 916 tank.

However, i need the following dimensions, as shown in the image below. The dimensions given are just there as examples, but they illustrate what I need.

If I get these, and ensure that the plate I make is identical, then the O-Ring should seat correctly, and we shouldnt have fuel washing out of the tank onto the hot engine.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

From the projects board it seems lots of people have 916s etc. as project bikes, and was wondering if anyone would be able to supply these details, especially if their bike is in bits at the moment


If not im going round the car parks with a set of tools and 'liberating' a pump....To this end I will shortly be road testing a 1098R, and return it once I have swapped the engine out for a normal 1098 :(

Cheers in advance

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Do you still need these dimensions. if so give me a a shout and I'll get of my arse and into the garage and measure them for you.

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Cheers for the offer superdunc but Ive now decided on a different mounting method. Didnt want to end up with a large aluminium part which required two seperate seals. Now It just uses the 1098 Fuel tank seal.

Thanks for the offer though.

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