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SRAD front end into original SV650...


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Since I trashed my SRAD at the weekend, I've been having all sorts of thought about what to do with it. It's currently on a truck on the way to the assessors. Why they couldn't assess it at my house I don't know....

But anyway back to my random thoughts. I had thought of just buying it back when they write it off, fitting a track fairing, projector lights and then sorting the suspension...

This is all fine if the engine/gearbox aren't trashed though.

Another though I've had is to buy the biek back for as little as possible, buy an old trellis framed SV650/S and fit the front end from the SRAD with a decent shock and have a small, nimble light bike that makes sense at less than 120mph, is still fun but actually handles and stops.

Has anybody here ever done this? I know it was a popular conversion on SV650.org at one point years back.

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Hmmm, pretty sure I have seen this converstion before. I think it used the srad yokes, but the steering stem from the SV was needed to be pressed in.

Good luck, I like the idea

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From what I remember, although this might be sketchy, is that a complete SRAD front end would go straight onto the SV650, yokes, steering stem and all.

The main additional part you would need would be a top head bearing which can be gotten from the Twin Works Factory website


On putting the bearing in you may need to file a couple of grooves into the SV head so the bearing can be drifted back out if you need to replace it or return the SV to stock


Also you may need clip ons from a TL1000 which would give the same rise as the standard SV ones.

The rear shock off a SRAD is longer than the SV one, which makes for quicker handling, but is pretty softly sprung. If you're 12 stone ish that shouldn't be a problem.


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