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Mito, TZR combo..........


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Guys I have potentialy decided to knock racin gon the head and seeing as I have a lovelly tunned 1KT that i would never get the money back that I have invested in it I was thinking of lumping the engine into a Mito frame with basically all other parts apart from the tank coming from other bikes..how specials should be :-)

The trouble is are the EVO frames different to the older models? Evo tanks look better but I would not want to buy an dold frame only to find the EVo tank is not oughly compatible.

Also there has been a lot of talk of R1 swingers being fitted to Mito`s and I can even remember on the old forum a guy having one fitted on a bike in his garage? with a reverse cylinder tzr lump in it and micro squirt fueling? best try and find it on here unless anyone has a shortcut to it?

Anyways its all dreams at the moment, but this is my Race bike to keep you happy :-)


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Loving that 1kt to be honest and I can't see that putting it in a Mito frame is going to make it that much better a bike, looks like you have sorted the brakes and the wheels could be done if you havent already. Sort of makes sense for a valve motor as the cjassis are so crap but your bike was the first to lap the TT at over 100mph in the proddy event wasnt it?

Yeah the TZR was hat good back in the day and is still a fair bike today.

What I have neglected to say above is that I do have a spare engine and just fancy buildng something different to trackday perhaps.

The bike above has been built and raced in BMCRC Yamaha past masters race series so the mods performed to the chassis are modest, I could go all out on it but I think I would rather leave the chassis / bike as it is and build a special with all the spares I have, something different, you know have a play around.

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AFAIK the only difference between the mito frames is that the evo frame has threaded inserts for the fairing to mount to on the main frame spar where as the earlier models dont.

As for swingarms the R1 arm fits with little hassle (off the top of my head you have to take about 19mm off the pivot width) but the shock linkage takes some thinking about. The guy you're thinking of with the reverse seizure motor in one was called bigworm, I think he still posts on the 125cc sports bike forum.

HTH, Ben

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+1, with a daylight mot!


She is a beauty it has to be said lol

The thing is I do have a spare bike ( in a few bits but mainy there ) all be it not in as good nick as the race bike that I fancied making into something special

Perhaps I should change the thread title ;-)





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There is another difference with the earlier Mk1/2 mito frame. the difference is around the headstock you need to modify it to run the evo yokes for the better upside down forks. There are so many evo frames out there though it would be easier to start with one of those

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What rims and tyros are you using on the Tzr please?


Pipey, like the rest of us, is limited by the class regulations, but:

Standard front TZR 1KT rim, the class standard is the BT090, although some are staring to use the Bt003

TZR125R/RR rear rim (3.5" wide), Dunlop GPr70, D209GP, BT003, Michelin Powerone

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Ooh that's too nice for a race bike :) You'll be beating Yats for best turned out YPM bike @ this rate.


Pipeys is one of the nicest turned out bikes this year.

The TDR is in to it's 3rd season now, and is very battle scarred. Still puts up a good fight, but a TZR beckons...

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