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homemade baffle for drag bike exhaust


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I plan on fitting a vance and hines drag bike exhaust to my slabside, purely for looks, as it wont go around corners when fitted due to lack of ground cleareance. Don't worry i have a nice quiet nexus full system that i'll use most of the time, i'll just put the v&h on when i'm feeling naughty!

I've made a baffle out of perforated steel plate rolled into a tube and a stainless end cap. I'm wondering what to pack it with. I have acess to stainless wire mesh, we use this at work for our turbo filters (ship engines), keeps the noise down on them lovely...

or is there something more suitable i can get hold of?

many thanks


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Most good bike shops should be able so supply you with baffle packing material. You can get it either loose (like wire wool) or in pre cut sheets that you just roll around your perforated tube.

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