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SRAD USD fork rebuild questions


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As some with really good memories will recall I am (slowly) trying to rescue a dog rough 96 SRAD 750.

I have rebuilt the back end with lots of powdercoat, new bearings, MCT serviced shock etc, and am starting to get on with doing the same to the front end, however . . .

Mrs V6 has been made redundant, so obviously I can't just chuck cash at this, so my original plan of sending the forks (complete) to MCT is out of the question at the moment. So I was considering doing this myself, but had a couple of questions :

Do I need special tools ?

Where would be the best place to find out how to build them up, for example what springs to use, oil weights, air gaps etc ?

I am reasonbly confident of being able to dismantle and re-assemble the parts, but want to make sure I end of with the best possible job at the end, so any other tips gratefully received.



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