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Tech question regarding Gixer exhausts

YZ faybo

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Have a question for a the tech heads or people with Dyno operator experience.

Looking to put some headers and end can from another model on my SRAD. The headers are 1000 and looking to use a K7/8/9 end can. What interests me after spending the afternoon at my local suzuki dealer measuring things up could not help but notice on later model bikes there is no volume expansion from the headers to the end cans. On the newer bikes the headers run through the cat and valve unit but the pipe diameter pretty much stays the same all the way to the exit of the can.

On all my other bikes I have had there is allways a large diameter change before the end can and through for the gas to escape.

The dealer told me the flapper valve was there for EU regs regarding sound. Is this allso designed to regulate exit gas speed to compenaste for the same diameter pipe dimensions?

Was curious as the SRAD stock unit has the larger pipe and the first part of the stock end can has a large chamber before it becomes all restricted into a size slighter smaller than the K7/8/9 silencers. Even my CRF has a larger volume increase across the pipe work.

Do folk with race systems on there later model bikes have pipe work that does away with the flapper valve/cat unit and if so is there a diameter change or does it go staright to the end can? if so you guys got any dimensions?

The whole system when done will work out under £100 if the pipe work changes dont f--k up the gases.

Any answers regarding Gixer pipe info is much appriciated.

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