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OEM cast wheel repair


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The other week I discovered that my back wheel has a flat spot approx 10cm long that has been nudged down and out about 5-7mm (ish), it hasn't cracked and it hasn't broken the paint/enamel.

Who do you recommend for getting it repaired?

Unfortunately most of the sites I've looked at all tend to say the same thing which is send in your wheel and we can assess the damage and give you a quote. My problem is that whatever happens it looks like I'm going to have to post/courier the wheel so need to add that to the total.

If any of you can give some kind of description of damage repaired, turnaround time, cost etc the more details the better please.

Oh and if anyone can point me in the direction of a cheapo way of postage then that would be appreciated as well as I'm presently out of work at the moment so every penny counts.



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I had a large ding on the front wheel of the R1 repaired by Hagon and can definitely recommend them;cost about £60(incl postage,but i did blag one way from work) at the time and it took about a couple of weeks for them to turn it round(excuse the pun!).

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Here you go Heds

Dave East Engineering Ltd.

0116 284 8296.

The Old Dairy,

George Street,



LE19 4NQ

You send the wheel to him on a monday, he gets it on a tuesday and fixes it that week and then you get it back either at the end of the week or early the week after.

It's about £40 + return post.

If you send it down to him with DHL through www.parcel2go.com it cost £7.80 for the 48 hour service, but almost everytime I send something with them it gets there the next day.

If the bead is still seating properly and not pushed over then you can continue to use it on the road no problems.

A cheaper way is this


I fixed the dings in my wets to less than 0.5mm run out using this and a tree for an anvil.

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I spoke to Motoliner earlier, they quoted £80 incl return postage for a 3 day turnaround. Just spoke to Dave told me to post the wheel and include £60 (incl return postage) for a worse case scenario or £42 for best scenario, if ok he'll post back with the remainder of the cash by the end of next week.

Seeing that money is tight I'm plumping for the latter.

I would go for the hammer job myself usually but I'm far from deft of hand so over to the professionals it goes. :icon_puke_r:

Cheers Fatman, top job :thumbsup:


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