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Paint or powder-coating


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My white wheels are starting to look very tatty and I was thinking of getting them redone. Powder-coating is supposed to be harder wearing but a mate had his wheels done recently on his 24 year old VFR750 and I'm not too impressed with the finish.

So what's your experience/ advice guys?

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whats wrong with the finish?

ive only ever powder coated and i've never been disappointed.


you of course need to budget for preparation/new bearings.

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The finish on his wheels is quite coarse.

I have new bearings in the rear wheels, was going to be replacing the fronts anyway.

Yup, sounds like they've gone to a Mickey Mouse powder coater...

Depending on what I'm wanting to get done, I tend to use either:

Industrial Powder Finishes ('IPF')

37 Whitehill Road




(T): 01592 771805

NB. You'll need to be quick though, as I believe that they're moving to new premises...


Henderson's Blasters

(Link: Henderson's)

1/3 Piershill lane

(Nr. Jock's Lodge)



(T): 0131 661 0870

G :icon_blackeye:

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Cheers Greg, got that Italian thing working yet? :eusa_think:

<grumble> <grumble*> <_<

I took it to bits... again, but haven't found anything up with it. I'm working my way through places where electrical connections and 'earth' connections are, in the hoep that maybe one is loose(?) :eusa_think:

Time's been spent on the VFR (MOT'd last weekend and a blast up to Dundee and back), getting the brakes cleaned and serviced properly (I'd rather do it myself). Bloody reliable Japanese things... Tuh! :rolleyes:

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