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Gearbox/Engine work in Kent/SE London


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Hi, can anyone reccomend somewhere/one in North Kent, or S.E London (perhaps Essex or Surrey) area of the M25 for a fairly comprehensive refresh/check of my K1 GSX-R 600's engine and gearbox?

Basically, clutch is on it's way out, valve clearances probably need doing, and it whines it's nuts off in 1st gear. It's getting me down.

Coming upto 26,000 miles, I've had it just over a year, it was on 19,500 when I got it, history is patchy, I've treated it pretty well, done 5 trackdays and got Cadwell next Sat. Oil and filter got changed after 4,000 miles of my ownership earlier this year and it was still pretty clean.

I'm on a tight budget, and home maintenance has been raising too many 'What-ifs' and doubts of my own mechanical abilities.

I figured i'd drop engine out and save paying the labour of getting someone to do that for me. I know that contradicts the 'What-ifs' but I've had the bodywork and other parts off that many times i'm loathed to pay someone to do that.

Or do I chance buying a 2nd hand engine/box on lower miles?

Sorry for the guff. I've managed to do a pretty good headf**k on meself this afternoon and bit lost atm.



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