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grips on k2 1000


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just got some new grips for the bike, tried to undo the bar ends but there both just spinning ...!

sprayed with gt85 and held the end with pliers but still spinning...

Any suggestions on how to remove so i can fit new grips.



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Can you get a screwdriver in between the end of the clipon and bar-end?

Applying pressure against the bar-end with the screwdriver and undoing the bolt at same time may work. If it opens up enough to get a spanner in, over the bolt, that will probably work better.

Failing that, pop the rubber bungs off the inner ends of the clip-ons and try and drift the bungs out using a extension bar/blunt object and copious amounts of WD40. Watching clocks/screen with whatever you're battering the bar with.

My GSX-R had aftermarket bungs fitted when I got it. The R&Gs I bought wouldn't bite into the threaded insert those barends used. But after MOT-man told me 1 of my clip-ons was bent, I got a 2nd hand set off the 'Bay and the R&Gs fit those replacements fine. And the clip-ons are still just as 'bent' as he said they were :icon_blackeye:

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