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Paint polishing question.

Ray Von

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Hope someone in the paint world can help.

I've painted a metal fuel tank and a plastic fairing side panel over the weekend and although i got a good layer of paint on with the first coat, half way through the second coat, the paint gun threw a wobbler and started to mist the paint out resulting in a dusted finish on part of the parts i was painting, by the time i sorted the gun out, the paint had already set.

My first though was to rub it down and start again, but it means setting up the temp spray booth again next weekend and wheeling my bikes and gear out into the garden and going through the whold paint thing again, but then i thought about the polishing pads and liquid i've seen used to bring dull paint work back to life.

Could really do with some recommendations, this is for a track bike so it doesn't have to be 100%, just want it to look even and shine, the paint is white.

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Farecla G3, sand your paint so that its smooth with 1500 grit paper, then a quick polish with this will sort it out.

This ^.

But, I think with only 2 coats of paint that you might be breaking out the spraygun again.

Are you machine polishing? If you are, don't be tempted to use T-cut, it's too aggressive and you'll end up cutting through to the primer underneath... don't ask me how I know this :eusa_wall:

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