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Back From Chrome Plating


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Dad got his wheels and microns back from being re chromed on Friday, built the wheels up this morning with some nice new stainless spokes and nipples from Central wheels. Not bad seeming they were £31.70 off ebay a few months back. Just got to get them on the bike now with out scratching them :oops: Sorry for the awful shots, were done on my phone.









The look ok in this picture but up close the pitting was quite bad.


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Noice. I know a lot of folk think its naff, but I like chromed spannies. :icon_bounce:

One question - he got his Microns re-chromed?? Who did that? When I got the NSs Jolly motos chromed it took an age to find a comapny who'd do new pipes, let alone old ones as most of them didn't want to 'ruin' their dipping tanks with burned/unburned 2T contaminants that might be in a pipe after just one start up... And it'd be useful to know after NKR managed to leave the NS out in the rain for the best part of a year so the Jollys have a bit of rust here and there.

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Hello there Dave, cheers for the comments. A local company to us did the pipes, we walked in with them on the off chance they might be able to do them, as we walked through the door they were pulling a set of kettle pipes out the tank. Ive pm'd you the details

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I'd be interested in that as well Sean , there's a company down here , it even advertises in the classic mags , but they are so hit and miss with stuff .

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<snip> stainless spokes and nipples <snip>

Pfft :huh:

He said nipples




No, seriously, looks like a nice job...

I've pm'd you the details

Could you send me the details as well please, if that's okay?

I keep getting asked about chroming/re-chroming, but don't know of anywhere that's reliable.



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