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Help With Wheels


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Im looking at getting a set of wheels and forks for my mito project but Im not sure which ones to get.

I've narrowed it down to the following

749 forks/wheels

Gsxr1000 forks/ front wheel / 600 rear

Cbr1000 forks/front wheel / 600 rear

Any advice as to which ones to get ? I quite fancy the 749 ones but they are a bit more expensive than the other sets



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If I was in your shoes I'd be looking very closly at which forks/wheels were the lightest.

Have a look at ZX6R stuff. The wheels are bloody light and I know from experience that the ZX10 forks are pretty light so would expect the 6 to be lighter still.

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The 2009/10 models of the ZX6R and GSX-R1000 both have the fancy new Showa big piston forks that everyones raving about aswell , if that makes any difference to you .

And try egay america for big bike bits like forks and full sets of body work , i was amazed at the prices when i looked a little while ago (this was before the credit crunch and the dollar was weaker against the pound than it is now).

Even with a hefty carriage charge to Blighty it was still alot cheeper than getting stuff from the UK.

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