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Secondary Butterfly removal/replacement?


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I have an 06 R1, and I'm curious about this...

1-Are the secondaries, the higher set?

2-Removing them would require a remap ?

3-Does removing them just let an uninterrupted flow of air to the primaries?

4-I thought the secondary butterflies, didn't open till after 7,000rpm?

5-Doesen't this just leave the primaries to do all the work? why is that better?

6-Does this just show that secondaries are just a emissions flat spot/ midrange repair thing?

7-I've read of replacing the butterflies with smaller ones for a more progressive effect, why?

8-Would there be a loss at another part of the rev range?

9-Would it make a noticeable difference with 175hp/184kg, carbon rims, +3T on the rear, and a 1/5th turn throttle?

-Am I an idiot? (you don't have to answer that one!)

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yes but depends on throttle position ( IIRC )

yes , because you might get another couple of horses at the top end ( even if you lose its sweet low down running )

'ish on the midrange thing , if you've got big injector bodies you've got to keep the gas speed up somehow


see 5


look in the mirror

you may be able to alter when they open with one of these


I went to see 'em a couple of years back and they said at the time that on the fly by wire models you could alter the response , it may be worth an e-mail to see if it's possible , keep us informed

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Thanks Ron. ;) By the gist of your replies, I don't think it's a particularly helpful mod. I like my midrange, and fine throttle response. I was just curious for information. Mine's the last direct cable controlled throttle model.

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