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cagiva mito 350 ypvs conversion


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I am thinking of putting a 350 ypvs engine in a mito but before I start I have a few questions

which year mito is the right one to use

how does a ypvs engine fit in the frame , does it just need different brackets or bits welding on to the frame

does the chain / sprockets line up or is this cured by the above bracketry

where can I get bracketry,are there any drawings online

basically, any info on building one would be greatly appreciated


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Right there are a couple of different mounting plate sets out there. The one I used came from the Netherlands from a guy named Anand. He has a website www.mito350.tk Using his mounting plates there is some modification of the front mounts and some welding needed on the front and rear mounts. The mito frames are the same for all models apart from the fairing mounts so pick whichever mito you like the look of basically. Also all of the Yamaha RD350 engines use the same crankcase mounting points so you can use an aircooled, an RD350LC, YPVS or even if you had the cash a TZ350.

As for how the engine actually fits in the mounting kit I got uses a set of plates the bolt onto the front mito frame mounts and the front engine mount and then there are two plates that have to be welded to the rear crossmember of the frame for the rear engine mount to bolt up to. Using the kit the chainline is already sorted.

One other point I will mention is that although the mito geometry is great the standard forks and shock aren't really up to the task of dealing with the extra weight and speed of the 350. The forks are too soft and the shock too hard, I've replaced the forks with some ducati 916 ones and I've got an RGV250 rear shock which has helped the handling massively. Both are easy mods to do and they have also raised the ride height front and rear by around 2". Other options is a pukka mito SP rear shock which is adjustable, entire R1 swingarm conversion, Aprilia RS250 or RSV front end or even a GSXR750. I'll try and get some pictures up tomorrow of my bike, if you've got any other questions then don't hesitate to ask and I'll do my best to help. Cheers, Ben.

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how easy is it to wire in and get the rev counter to work and do you know of anywhere on the net that has cad drawings of the brackets ?

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If you want to use the electronic tacho from the later mito (evo models) then it's pretty simple to wire in. Just needs a +ve, an earth and a signal from the low tension side of the coil. Alternatively if you've got an earlier Yam engine with a mechanical tacho drive then you can rig it up to an early mito tacho. I don't think there are any CAD drawings of the mounts I'm afraid. I did have a look myself and to be fair it wouldn't be that hard to draw some of your own up. If I was building my bike again I would probably make my own but I was only 17 when I built it and didn't have access to the machinery and materials I do now.

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To make the conversion as easy as possible I'd use the following Yam bits:


Wiring loom



Powervalve Motor/Controller (if it's got powervalves)


Aftermarket exhausts can be modified to fit pretty easily

Clutch cable

Throttle cable

Front sprocket from a jap spec RZ250 which allows use of a standard mito pitch chain

Tacho cable (if you're using a mechanical tacho)

off the top of my head that's everything!

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Thanks, Ill have to have a look around to see if I can find the bits.

Any chance of some pics of yours ?

specifically where the front mounting brackets are and the engine sprocket / swingarm spindle relationship ( I know they are close but need evidence :bdaysmile: )

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