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Yamaha R6 Question


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Howdy folks, a mte has a 2006 R6 track bike with a fairly tired standard shock. Another mate has a low mileage shock from his 2006 model that we can have for nothing, and the question is, will it go and how easily? Im thinking there's at least a half chance it would bolt straight in ...

Thanks in advance boys and girls ... :eusa_whistle:

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Assume you mean an 02 R6 track bike not an 06 trackbike?

What way does the res go? I fitted an 05 shock to a 99 R6 and had to cut away some of the swingarm like this:


So it fitted like this:


But if it is straight across then it should fit ok.

I love fitting different shocks to bikes, always seem to end up doing it!

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